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Hi, After embarking on a personal weight loss transformation, Tanisha found herself in the center of an entire lifestyle change. She had completely released more than 140 pounds, changed her mindset about life, and became spiritually aligned. She was no longer the same person she was at over 350 pounds, in 2012.


Tanisha started coaching people in various cities throughout the United States and reached people in different regions of the world. Her transformation story has been featured in many publications such as Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, First for Women Magazine, and Everyday Health. She has spoken to audiences throughout Brooklyn, NY, Monroe College, Allen School of Health Sciences (NYC), and community organizations.


In 2013, Tanisha started providing holistic wellness coaching to clients that were faced with unhealthy lifestyles due to various health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and PCOS. Her approach is to provide guidance in adjusting you mindset and providing holistic solutions without the use of products such as shakes, diet pills, etc. The remedies are self-made and ingredients are naturally available at your local markets. (If products are recommended/offer, they will be as close to 100% natural as possible.)


Clients may receive personal wellness coaching (phone or video chat) or group coaching (online).


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