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"Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security." (Jeremiah 33:6)


Healthy: It's A Lifestyle 2 Week Jumpstart Group (see below)



Lifestyle is defined as the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group. Most of us tend to focus on one aspect of lifestyle, not all. We gain our lifestyle habits from our environment or our family – called generational habits. Most of us have inherit many unhealthy lifestyle habits and are not even aware of it until something occurs in your life.


At the age of 22, I was 2 years out of college, working at a major financial institution as a Site Management Consultant, and most weeks I worked anywhere from 50-70 hours. On top of that, I was still battling my weight. Due to the demand of work, I was stressed out. One day, as I was walking home, I started to feel a strange feeling in my right arm and it traveled to the rest of my right side. I knew something was wrong – I went to the emergency room. They indicated I had experienced a mild/minor stroke.


What happened? This was the first signs of an unhealthy lifestyle, but I did not take full heed to that. By time I got to 2012, I was morbidly obese and experiencing an unhealthier lifestyle habits. I did not learn from my mistakes. When I embarked on my journey, I realized I was not just over 350 pounds because I loved food, but it was because of the multiple layers of living in unhealthy lifestyle habits – unforgiveness, depression, living in fear/doubt, being a perfectionist, overworking myself, unhealthy relationships, anger – you name it and I was living it.


Lifestyle Coaching

In 2013, I realized I was not just losing weight, but I was experiencing a shift in my entire life. Every day I was working towards becoming a healthier and happier version of me. People started to reach out to me and asked for help. At first, I thought I was supposed to share meal plans, smoothie recipes, and workouts. But, God had another plan. After the initial conversation, we started to dive into what the real problem was – just how unhealthy their lives were. It made sense, help them in devising healthier lifestyle habits.


People I work with are not just overweight – many were dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, borderline diabetes, extreme pain, etc. Yes, part of the coaching sessions surround how to start changing eating habits and ways to make small lifestyle eating habits. But, what do we do after that? We start focusing on the other unspoken lifestyle habits that are really causing illnesses and sicknesses.


Uncover the Unhealthy

It was uncovered that clients had unhealthy thought processes and spoke unhealthy words against their lives. Many lacked faith and belief in God. Some were holding grudges from their childhood. They were angry and depressed about their lives. They worked very hard towards a dream they did not even want, but were told to go after. WOW.


So, in our sessions that became the focal point. We started to incorporate various practices to assist in the establishment of their healthier life – the life God desired for them at birth. God never wanted you nor me to be unhealthy – mind, body, or spirit. From speaking daily positive affirmations, to identifying their God-Given Purpose, to forgiving love ones that hurt them, or walking away from unhealthy relationships, they started to see a change in their overall health.


One client that was living with chronic pain started to forgive people that hurt her in her past. Can you believe, she experienced less pain throughout her body? This was in combination in the changes in her eating and praying to God more often.


Another client experienced high blood pressure and she realized she would wake up angry and claiming bad days. Why? She hated her career. She was working someplace she disliked, but the pay was so great. Her focus was on making the money, not what she did. It took time, but she started to identify what made her happy and found her purpose. While it did not turn into a full-time job, she found peace because she had something to look forward to. Her blood pressure started to regulate and she realized her lifestyle habits were passed down by her family.


Lifestyle Coaching For You?

If you are ready to devise a healthier lifestyle, then yes – it is for you. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, and other unhealthier habits, then it would be a great benefit to work with a coach that will help you in strategizing for a healthier you. Yes, we will discuss new healthier eating habits, but we will help in establishing a new ground and framework towards living a life with God because He wants us to live healthy and be healed from the habits we have allowed to discourage us from lifestyle we deserve.


Together we will:

  • Develop healthy eating habits to reach your ideal healthy weight
  • Identify triggers and devise plans to live with or overcome the daily challenges
  • Increase your energy naturally
  • Manage and reduce daily stressors
  • Identify your purpose and start living in it
  • Improve self-love
  • Develop a physical activity strategy you will enjoy
  • Establish how to invite God in our healing process
  • Experience a healthy balance in life - personal, relationship, and career
  • Naturally heal your body
  • *Skype Video Sessions (if preferred)



(Sessions are conducted via Skype/Phone)

3 Month Accountability Coaching Package (Schedule Free 15 Minute Consultation)



  • Two - 50 Minute Sessions a month
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Recipes and customized meal plans for your dietary needs
  • Self-care tools to support you in achieving your long term goals
  • Discounted access to workshops, cooking classes, etc.


(Custom packages are also available, please inquire during consultation)


Healthy: It's A Lifestyle 2 Week JumpStart

March 6 - 19

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