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Tanisha Shanee is here to encourage and inspire men and women to identify unhealthy lifestyle habits and to devise a strategy that will reward them with the ability to live a healthier and happier life on purpose – with purpose. Most people are unaware of the generational curses and habits they have inherited that it has transferred to their own believes – which impacts their mind, body, and spirit. Tanisha seeks to inspire people to open their eyes to the life destined for them from the day they were born.


What started as a weight loss journey of releasing over 100 pounds in 2012, opened Tanisha’s eyes that not only was she not healthy physically, but she was unhealthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Applying the same lifestyle habits she devised to release a tremendous amount of weight, Tanisha applied it to her life and there she found PURPOSE. Tanisha understands what an unhealthy life looks like; therefore, she knew being healthy and happy was the foundation to a purposeful life.


As a result of one interaction with Tanisha Shanee, you will walk away feeling INSPIRED to seek the true life destined just for you. You will desire to explore healthy living in every capacity of your life and start to devise this amazing life she has created for herself and many others.


Tanisha’s messages will ignite your hidden desires to open your hearts and minds to a world you may have never sought for the people that are waiting for you to unravel your true identity.


Tanisha loves working with small groups or inspiring a large audience to open their eyes to purpose and hidden secrets of life. When people leave an encounter with Tanisha Shanee, they walk away saying, “You’re such an inspiration!” This is why she is deemed, Miss Inspiration.


When you desire to work with Tanisha, you will receive authentic, transparent, and genuine conversation and teaching that will leave you wanting to find the life secretly waiting for you.


Tanisha Shanee has offered her wellness and lifestyle expertise to publications such as WebMD, Dr. Oz The Good Life, Prevention Magazine, American Express, and several others. Her amazing transformation story has appeared in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Eating Well Magazine, First for Women Magazine, and many others over the years.


Tanisha is an author of Transition To A Healthier You – which has sold throughout the US, Caribbean, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Germany. She conducts a virtual course, Healing For Purpose Master Class, and hosts The Inspirational Corner Segment on The J Spot on Harlem’s WHCR 90.3 FM.


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Monroe College

Nazareth Regional High School

Pratt Institute of Community Council

New York City Department of Education

Epiphany Blue

Planet Fitness - Aurora, IL






Tanisha Shanee In The Media

Tanisha has been featured in numerous media outlets for her amazing Success Story to inspire others to establish a healthier life - Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, First for Women Magazine, and several others. See full Media Kit.

Tanisha has been featured on numerous radio shows throughout the country. Here are some of the recent shows she has appeared on:

March 2017 - Ignite Your Purpose

August 2016 - Starts With A Vision Podcast

July 2016 - Epiphany with Miyume

May 2016 - Praise Radio Show (video)

March 2016 - Share My World Show

January 2016 - Quit Your 9 to 5 Podcast (Ep. 2)

September 2015 - Six Weeks To Fitness Podcast

July 2015 - Dana Simone TV Show (Chicago, IL)

July 2015 - Football in High Heels

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"Let's Talk About It Web Series" - Healing God's Temple (November 2017)

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July 15, 2015 - Celebrity Weight Loss Coach, Tanisha Shanee All Set to Visit Chicago to Promote Her Book

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