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The average person encounters multiple health issues at the same time - obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression. Since our health is directly linked to every aspect of our lives, Heal Thy Body has integrated holistic practices that will embody all aspects of one's health - mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. Together we will devise a plan to increase health of clients seeking a balanced, happy, and healthy life.


You will learn HOW to start and continue this journey while healing not just your body from the unhealthy living, but your mind and spirit, too.


Tanisha Shanee has worked with individuals personally since 2013 and has coached men and women throughout the United States and beyond. Her goal is to give direct attention to those seeking long term success in their lives.


Together we will:

  • Develop healthy eating habits to reach your ideal healthy weight
  • Identify triggers and devise plans to live with or overcome the daily challenges
  • Increase your energy naturally
  • Manage and reduce daily stressors
  • Identify your purpose and start living in it
  • Improve self-love
  • Develop a physical activity strategy you will enjoy
  • Experience a healthy balance in life - personal, relationship, and career
  • Naturally heal your body
  • *Skype Video Sessions (if preferred)



(Sessions are conducted via Skype/Phone)

3 Month Accountability Coaching Package (Schedule Free 20 Minute Consultation)



  • Two - 50 Minute Sessions a month
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Recipes and customized meal plans for your dietary needs
  • Self-care tools to support you in achieving your long term goals
  • Discounted access to workshops, cooking classes, etc.
  • Access to Heal Thy Body Online Group Support


(Custom packages are also available, please inquire during consultation)


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