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Healing for Purpose Coaching was founded by International Lifestyle Strategist, Speaker, Author, Tanisha Shanee "Miss Inspiration" in 2013. She is dedicated in supporting you on your journey to inner peace and purpose. Healing for Purpose provides holistic, personalized coaching to help you find clarity, direction, and define happiness in your life. The goal is to define and live life how you desire!

Coaching Client Testimonials

I am so grateful to Ms. Shanee. During every session, she provided insight, perspective, and always made sure to include God and witnessed evidence of His presence in the innermost workings of our lives. Because of our sessions, I was able to start where I was and build from there, rather than "waiting for the perfect moment" to do something. Thank you, Tanisha for your time and wisdom.

Dawn P.

Client, 2017

I spent a couple of months working with Tanisha, not just healing my body, but healing my mind as well. What a wonderful experience. She helped me to get back to a place of hope and happiness. I loved and looked forward to our calls because it was like speaking to a sister, not a coach. She is truly exceptional at what she does. Thank you

Alex JB

Client, 2017-2018

Services Offered

What is included in the 1:1 Coaching Bundle?

Creating the lifestyle meant for you is important because it allows you to have control over your life and make decisions that will bring you joy and fulfillment. It gives you the freedom to pursue your passions, live according to your values, and create a life that is unique to you. Having control over your lifestyle also allows you to make the most out of your time and resources, so that you can enjoy the life that you deserve.

In this special coaching package, you will receive:

  • 2 – 45 Minute Coaching Sessions (via Zoom) with me (Monthly)
  • Limited Text Support (for prayer and emotional support as needed)
  • Access to the EXCLUSIVE “You Got It Teaching”
  • Access to the “I Forgive Myself” Masterclass Recording

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Tanisha Shanee is known as Miss Inspiration. She is an International Purpose Lifestyle Strategist, Inspirational Speaker, Podcast Host, Author, and Christ Ambassador.

Tanisha Shanee